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At Agric Consult Gh., we understand how delicate this issues could become in our kind of consulting and representation. We therefore could not mention some clients due to the term of the agreements and their concern. We totally and completely respect your privacy reservations and fully adhere to the term. To prospective clients, kindly note we represent some clients fully and we remain their face in the region literally and we will therefore remain them and could not disassociate ourselves from them as a different body.

Kindly state your reservation should you have one you will like us to adhere to strictly. Hotel Consult Gh. will make every effort to provide prospective clients with confidence in their decision to work with us.
For this reason, we chose to mention only reference with no problem on privacy statement with full consent of the clients. Currently with clients over 15 foreign countries, don’t forget to send your recommendation when you feel ok to feature in our testimonial list:


+ Name:Anthony Forson, Country:Ghana, Organisation:Anonymous,
+ Name:Gina, Country:Benin, Organisation:Anonymous,
+ Name:Wayde, Country:Burkina Faso, Organisation: Anonymous,
+ Name:Mboda Micah, Country:Cameroun, Organisation:Anonymous,
+ Name:Yao Qoasi, Country:Ivory Coast, Organisation:Anonymous,
+ Name:Bongani, Country:Zambia, Organisation: Anonymous
+ Name:Sumalia Country: Togo Organisation: Anonymous
+ Name:Aline, Country:France, Organisation:Anonymous,
+ Name: Adrainna, Country: Ghana, Organisation: Anonymous,
+ Name:George, Country:Ghana, Organisation: Anonymous