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We import the very best produce daily from around the World, sourced from certified growers who respect their workers and the environment

Agric Consult Ghana is a unique floral supply company located in Ghana that offers its customers a variety of options for their floral needs all at low cost pricing. Open to the public, with no license requirements we offer flowers, vases and supplies at wholesale prices.
Send Flowers, for any holiday, to someone special or send flowers to someone in your office to show your appreciation for their work. Send sweetheart flowers like this Classic Bird Cage and add some personal flair, a classic 2 Dozen Roses Floral Arrangement or a Corral of Tulips in a ceramic vase. We have a large selection of seasonal holiday flowers and arrangements that you can send anywhere in Ghana and Africa Call our sales  Department for order and delivery information. (
0233888008 / 0233880808)

We have a large assortment of bulk & discount vases and containers, including glass squares, glass cylinders, bud vases and Eiffel Tower vases. See our entire collection of Glass Vases available at cheap prices. This Country's best kept secret is Agric Consult Ghana flower Supplies, from closeouts on everyday flower vases and glass & ceramic squares, to large containers for floral arrangements, we have a great selection to choose from. We are a wholesale florist that supplies all of your discount flowers, floral tools and florist design supply needs at the very best prices for wedding, party, funeral, etc. just give us a call.