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Farm Equipment Supply

Agricultural Equipment Supply

Agric Ghana Consult was established with a purpose to service the Agricultural Industry in Ghana and other African states.
We hold more experience in the supply of aricultural products and equipment to the agricultural industry. Agric Ghana Consult is focused on providing products of only the finest quality to our customers. We complement such quality offerings with a dedication and professional service that is personal, reliable, and competitive, it’s certainly no wonder that Agric Ghana Consult has grown by many multiples over the years.

Whether you are growing crops, raising livestock, poultry, hogs, or any other farm animals, we have the agricultural supplies to help you manage your farm or business. Virtually indestructible, Agric Ghana Consult distribute animal feeding supplies, hay racks, scoops and buckets of high quality and economically priced, and best of all, help reduce waste and keep animals healthier. Our animal livestock watering systems can stand up to many years of heavy use! Need to transport feed, move fertilizer on the farm, or haul bulky items like hay and feed bags? We have feed carts, wagons, trailers and more farming supplies that help save time.