Agric Consult Ghana





Agric Consult Ghana believes that its success depends for the most part on its ability to maintain a diverse, resourceful and dynamic workforce to serve its customers.

Agric Consult Ghana is committed to equal opportunity and to a performance culture where recognition, promotion and rewards are based upon merit and demonstrated performance. Our employment policy is driven by generous staff welfare, career growth and industrial harmony.

Why work for Agric Consult Ghana ?
Agric Consult Ghana provides a world class multi-cultural and multi lingual high performing environment that allows people to excel and reach their potential. We are committed to employing and retaining the best talents in Africa. There is no other more exciting place to build a career than Agric Consult Ghana . To help prepare you for the right job. You can join us by emailing your application and cv to

Agric Consult Ghana's provide's an environment that identifies, encourages, and rewards excellence, innovation and quality customer service.

Agric Consult Ghana's provide the climate and resources that enable staff to advance on merit as far as their talents and competence will take them, without regard to gender, race, religion, color, age, national origin, marital status, physical challenges and/or disability status.

Agric Consult Ghana is committed to keeping employees fully informed as much as possible regarding their performance and progress and seeking their views wherever practicable on matters, which particularly affect them as employees.
Management, professional and technical expertise are Agric Consult Ghana's major assets, and investment in their further development continues.
Agric Consult Ghana's health and safety regulations are in force within the Agric Consult Ghana's operations and employees are aware of the existing regulations. Agric Consult Ghana provides subsidies to all levels of employees for medical, transportation, housing, etc.

Agric Consult Ghana's in-house training and manpower development for its employees who are equally encouraged to improve on their individual technical skills, professional or academic standard.
Incentive schemes designed to meet the circumstances of each individual are implemented wherever appropriate and some of these schemes include bonuses, children education grants, scholarship, etc.