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Agric Consult Ghana business development, Agro Marketing, and sales franchising is a creative package that we deliver outstandingly. With an extensive regional and local knowledge, we work Focusing on Brand Communications, Advertising, Promotion, Distribution and Sales, it is an important activity, cost effective that places any Agro based company on a platform to maximise revenue returns by spreading a wider exposure to targeted customers as well as anticipating market trends that are discovered through quality market research.
Agric Consult Ghana specialises in all the aspects of agricultural marketing with the specifications of its project development, business development and services, and how they relate to markets, channels of distribution and end-users. The scope of the marketing activity we deliver generally includes thorough research on the process of setting pricing policies and identifying market placement as well as in-depth studies on market trends and competitive markets, destinations and properties ensuring that both us as the management company and you as the client go through the right channels to maximise business occupancies and revenues. Placing your need and target at the centre stage, we professionally combine our expertise, and local knowledge using the right avenues and promotion with diligent industry knowhow, we use the right publicity approach and marketing campaigns to the relevant different segments of the agric business to ensure total efficiency of marketing budgets with the highest results.
Agric Consult Ghana provides extensive solutions in the local and international agro marketing field. We partner with agricultural wholesalers and extention officers’ networks.
We also offer E-Commerce Marketing capabilities.

Mystery Calls

Mystery calls help identify missed opportunities in order to capture more revenue and profit.